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The human behind Berkeley Dog Walkers

Trustworthy, attuned, experienced, and reliable dog walking professional.

The connection between humans and dogs can be a sensitive bond. Dogs go with what feels good and they stay away from what doesn’t. I created Berkeley Dog Walkers to be a business that understands this.

As the owner of Berkeley Dog Walkers, Michael not only walks dogs, he runs the business. He serves as the sole point of contact for all clients to keep the standard of care high and consistent. Prior to starting Berkeley Dog Walkers, Michael owned several service-based businesses such as a Mortgage Company, Day Spa, and Direct Mail Business, all experiences that have primed him to be someone you can wholeheartedly trust to care for your dog. Michael’s keen ability to anticipate and observe a dog’s behavior is why you can trust him with your pup. His love of the outdoors and dogs had him start the company.

Berkeley Dog Walkers puts clients first


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Professional Pet Care

Berkeley Dog Walkers puts clients first and is well respected and referred to by local veterinarians and many local businesses as well as other dog walkers.

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