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We take pride in taking your pet on professional, safe, and personalized trail adventures. Taking a pack on trail hikes takes effort, a lot of patience and intuition, and expertise, but the results are guaranteed to relax your pet, raise his spirit, heighten his alertness.

Group Dog Walking Hikes

Not just a neighborhood hike, I love taking your dog and their friends into the trails of the Berkeley Hills. We don’t go to dog parks and hope they run around, I ensure that they get great exercise and come home relaxed.

  • I pick up your dog and friends in a fully air-conditioned van, decked out just for pups

  • After driving to a carefully selected trail, I unboard them one at a time to ensure ease, comfort, and focus for each dog

  • We take a vigorous 1 hour hike on trails with challenging hills

  • We go out rain or shine (if it rains I rinse them off before returning home)

  • Our walks are mainly off- leash, but can be easily leashed upon request

  • Your dog will get plenty of recall practice every day

  • Positive reinforcement only

  • Great chance for your dog to develop good socialization skills with other dogs

Important Note:

I take careful consideration in choosing the dogs that go together in a pack in every Berkeley Dog Walkers adventure. Each adventure and leash walk is based on the consistency of these workouts I provide, which ensures predictability and ultimately, safety.

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